4 Tips for Bright and Beautiful Eyes

Your eyes are the window to your soul, so it’s worth taking the time to make them look their best every day. Problems like bags, shadows, and puffiness don’t have to ruin your look. Here are a few tips to make these pesky eye troubles a thing of the past:

  1. You can deal with puffiness by making small changes when you go to bed and when you wake up. Are you a stomach sleeper? Consider a switch:  donna cerca donna Bologna sleeping on your back will help prevent fluid from building up under your eyes.  donna cerca donna Cagliari Elevate your face overnight by using an extra pillow, thereby decreasing morning puffiness. Soon after waking,  uomo cerca donna Marano di Napoli gently massage your eye area using your ring fingers from the outer edge to the inner corners, carefully avoiding a dragging motion. Doing so will release any excess fluid.
  2. Eye bags are typically easier to prevent than to hide. Cutting  down on sodium in your diet can help lessen your risk of eye bags. (So, hold the salt on your next order of fries!) Using a cold compress can help when bags do arise. Be careful with concealer though: avoid putting it right on top of the puffy area as it will make the bags stand out even more. Instead, apply it just below the bag to give the area a more consistent tone.
  3. Time to make your fridge part of your beauty routine! Store soaked green tea bags in the freezer. Then, when you wake up with red or puffy eyes, lie flat and cover both eyes with one for five minutes — the cold temperature and the tea’s antioxidants decrease inflammation. You can also nix puffiness by stashing cotton rounds in the freezer. Put them against your eyes after applying eye cream — it’ll help the cream be absorbed, soothe delicate eye skin, and reduce puffiness. Consider keeping your eye cream in the fridge, too, as applying it while it’s cool helps to minimize eye-area puffiness. Plus, it will help preserve it longer!
  4. Dark circles are sometimes hereditary so even the perfect night’s sleep may not be enough to prevent them. But, you can always do a cover-up with careful makeup application. Eliminating under eye shadows brightens your entire complexion, so it’s always worth the time to carefully apply concealer. While you’re at it, apply a little dot of highlighter directly under each brow arch to draw the focus upwards. Lastly, dot some moisturizer around your eye area after you’ve applied all of your other makeup and gently blend it in with your ringer finger to add a healthy glow.

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4 Tips for Bright and Beautiful Eyes

by Lala Ohanian time to read: 2 min