About Us

Our goal here at ArmenianBridal.com is to help you plan and remain organized through your planning process…..let it be from attending an event to planning the wedding of the century!  There are so many resources out there that can guide us toward our interests, but not one that has it ALL!  www.ArmeninBridal.com is here to assist you through implementing, gathering and initiating the steps required for any occasion or event.  We have created a source for you to find the most recommended vendors, to know of upcoming fashion trends that are shared by experts to ideas that are brought to life by our loyal visitors.  We all follow our favorite and most inspired celebrities and take the fashion steps that are safe at times then turn into the worst fashion phases of our time. Even though this site may be mistaken and passed on due to its name, it its not only tailored toward Armenian brides, resources and all posts outlined apply to all cultures and all persons of interests.

I had originally created this site as a bridal/wedding planning site to help brides plan for their special day.  However, as I become more involved in the planning process for any occasion and not just wedding related party planning, I have come to realization that you don’t plan an event or even your own look/style for a night out  without having your inner trend.  The presence of you or your event showcases your inner self of who you are and where you come from….your uniqueness is what I am talking about!  So I have expanded this site to allow you to be exposed to all the factors that matter to you.  From Health & Fitness to Fashion and Traditions.  Find where and who you are and plan away with your uniqueness!

To help you with the details of your planning, thousands of highly recommended vendors are present in the VENDOR DIRECTORY section of our site.  Navigate the IDEAS page and you will see short and fun blog posts on details of planning your outing or gathering.  We have also gathered all unique and trendy ideas that our users have shared with us to make your planning as unique as it can be!

Attending an event has moved its focus to the uniquess of the people involved with personalizeations to their likes.  And it is done through DIY personalized touches that people are able to share their uniqueness with others.  We have added many blog posts to the DIY page of our site to help you with hand crafts and sentimental touches to your home, decorations, or simply to a day of your life!

We work with some of the most amazing photographers who have taken us on wedding day journeys that we forget where the actual wedding was taken place.  These captures are breathtaking and are displayed on our PHOTOGRAPHY page.  Look through many wedding albums displayed by different photographers to help you guide to the most important individual or group that you will be facing on your Big Day!

So much goes on in our fast pace world of fashion, trends, weddings and simply areas of interests that we do that untimely depend on our health and presence.  So why not stay current on our site with WHAT’S NEW and the itemized categories that will guide you through the trendy categories, such as FASHION, HAIR & BEAUTY, HEALTH & FITNESS, TRAVEL and HOME DECOR for your current and future planning process.  The CELEBRITY page will update you on all celebrity news such as love, breakups, pregnancies and even breaking news!

When planning your events, make sure you use our VENDOR DIRECTORY, which gives you access to hundreds of local professionals. Read/write reviews, rate the vendors, visit their website, get directions to their location, find their contact info and much more, all within our VENDOR DIRECTORY.

If you find our site helpful, please support us by using the vendors advertising on this site. Also, we would love to hear from you after your event, so don’t forget to share the details and experience with our vendors.  Share some photos with us as well!

If you are a professional vendor, we provide the opportunity for you to offer your products and services to our unique visitors. We offer different advertising packages and options. Join us to make ArmenianBridal.com the #1 vendor directory site.

I wish you happy planning!

Best Regards,