How to design a Brooch Bouquet – By Fancy Pants Weddings

Here is an article on how to make your own brooch wedding bouquet which seems to be the upcoming trend for this coming Wedding Season!

I love brooch bridal bouquets!  If I were getting married now I would so carry one of these beauties down the aisle.  Brooch bouquets are amazing for so many reasons.  Let me count the ways: they are sparkly, they make meaningful keepsakes after the wedding, they are sparkly, you can use jewelry from family members and carry a bit of them with you down the aisle, you make your brooch bouquet well in advance of the wedding, you never have to worry about it not holding up throughout the day and they are sparkly.

Making a brooch bouquet is quite the DIY project!  It takes patience and creativity.  But it is a worthy endeavor.  Especially when you are ready to walk down the aisle carrying a beautiful brooch bouquet of your own making.

Visit on How to make a Brooch Bridal Bouquet.

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How to design a Brooch Bouquet – By Fancy Pants Weddings

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