Quick Fixes for Four Winter Hair Problems

Just as the seasons change, your beauty routine must change with them! Winter brings some pesky hair challenges, including flyaways and split ends. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to cope with these problems. Here’s how to fix four winter hair problems:

  1. metodi naturali per ingrossare il pene To tame flyaways, run a fabric softener sheet all over your hair. It will remove static from your strands just like it does in the dryer. If that doesn’t do the trick, warm some alcohol-based gel or styling cream in your hands and apply to stray strands. And, applying gel under flyaways can help them “stick” to the rest of your hair.
  2. If you get the troublesome combination of  metodi di allungamento del pene split ends plus frizziness, you just might dread the arrival of Old Man Winter. To cope, get a trim at least every six weeks to keep ends from parting ways. In the weeks between, apply an end-mending product, which will both help prevent split ends and control frizz.
  3. Does your  chirurgia plastica peniena hair get flat and dull in cooler temps? Try this: Flip your head over and mist your roots with a volumizer. Next, flip your hair back over and brush it gently in the opposite direction than usual–the part change will reveal healthier strands. Consider getting a glaze treatment to brighten your locks up, too.
  4. Sometimes  curly hair can get so dry in the winter that it actually breaks apart! You can prevent breakage by regularly using olive oil (or products that contain it), concentrating on the ends, which will fortify the strands. When styling, warm up a dollop of pomade in your hands and apply it section by section to soften and moisturize your coils.

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Quick Fixes for Four Winter Hair Problems

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