Society Beauty Standards

Beauty can be defined and determined numerous of ways including appearance, personality, or pretty much anything that is pleasing to see or experience. Throughout the years, the standards of beauty have been tested and changed all around the world. In a study published in 2015, 18 female graphic designers worldwide, were asked to Photoshop one woman’s features to fit with what, at the time, was considered their culture’s ideal. The results were shocking as to some cultures preferred women with curves and little to no curves. As well as very thin women, plus sized women, pear shaped and even toned women. Beauty is honestly and truly in the eye of the beholder.

It seems if everyday the standards are changing and some women attempt to live up to them to be deemed as what society says is beautiful. While some trends for beauty are harmless, like over-lining your lips, other trends can be very dangerous. For instance, waist trainers have been a recent trend for a smaller cinched-in waist and it seems as every social media influencer is wearing them. However, a woman actually passed away from asphyxiation from wearing a waist trainer that was too tight. Authorities believed that the woman was not intentionally trying to fall asleep. Unfortunately, there have been many reports of deaths from waist trainers.

Ultimately, the cliché thing to say is, “everyone is beautiful in their own way,” and it is true. We should cease trying to live up to others beauty standards because truly, beauty lies within. Physical appearance could be altered and changed, but what is one without those looks? Do we still hold that beauty about us? Would others still consider us to be beautiful? Honestly, everyone is beautiful in one way or the next. However, if we were to lose one of our physical beauty traits that society accepts, would we still consider ourselves to be beautiful? The next beauty standard should be who you truly are.

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Society Beauty Standards

by Lala Ohanian time to read: 1 min