6 Ways to Prevent Summertime Makeup Meltdown

Summertime. You get your look just right, then you step outside, and it’s gone in minutes. So, how do you prevent a makeup meltdown when it’s hot and steamy? Here are six simple ways to keep your face in place.

  1. Cream eyeshadow is prone to creasing in the summer due to increased oil production. To combat it, interventi al pene run a cotton swabover your color every so often to absorb the extra oil. It also helps to apply a coordinating powder shadow on top to set it.
  2. preservativi allunga pene Gel blush is perfect for summer. It has staying power on bare skin and gives a dewy finish. Apply it with a wedge sponge and blend. If you use powder or cream blush, a che eta cresce il pene apply foundation first to anchor it and prevent fading.
  3. Be sure to exfoliate regularly. Makeup adheres better to skin free of dead cells and build-up. And, try running an ice-cubeover your face before applying makeup to close pores and smooth skin tone.
  4. Try a mattifying primer to keep foundation in place. If you don’t like the weight of foundation in the summer, switch to a BB cream, which is lighter. Setting sprays or translucent powders work great for setting foundation and BB creams alike.
  5. Stick to waterproof formulas for mascara, brow pencil, and eyeliner. The combo of heat, sweat, and humidity makes them the most likely victims of summertime conditions.
  6. To make lip color last, start by applying a clear balm, then pat with a tissue. Line your lips along the edges, and then fill inyour lips completely. Finally, using a lip brush, apply lipstick that matches the pencil.

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6 Ways to Prevent Summertime Makeup Meltdown

by Lala Ohanian time to read: 1 min